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"To love beauty is to see light" - Victor Hugo

Photo by (c) 2013 Krõõt Tarkmeel Photography 

I am mostly self-taught freelance photographer with deep interest in photo post-processing and graphic design. 


2017 - 12, 13th, 15-17th places in Glamour/Boudoir category of I AM PHOTOGRAPHER 2017 - Baltic Wedding and Portrait contest

2014 -  10th (Glamour/Boudoir) and 11th (Glamour/Boudoir) and 14th (Persons/Individuals) place in I AM PHOTOGRAPHER 2014 - Baltic Wedding, Portrait & Nature Photo Contest


2013 - 8th (Animals), 9th (Glamour/Boudoir) and 10th (Persons/Individuals) place in Baltic Wedding, Portrait & Nature Photo Contest

2011 - semi-finalist for Lensbaby Senior Portrait Contest


2012 - Collaboration project with Lilya Corneli (Hamburg)

2011 - Studio photography course, Eesti Foto (Tallinn)

2010 - Photography ABC course for beginners, Eesti Foto (Tallinn)

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